Georgios Famous Pizza

Georgio's Famous PizzaGeorgio’s Famous Pizza really is Famous. For almost fifty years Georgio’s has been a mainstay of Main Street in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Greek Pizza?

Heck yeah!  Come and experience the unique sauce, the awesome crust and all the toppings!
Great Pizza Gyros, Sandwiches, salads and much much more. In the middle of your hot beach day, walk a few steps from the horseshoe and eat lunch, cool off with cold drinks and refresh for the rest of the day.
At night gather with a group of friends and hang out at Georgio’s.
Anytime is a great time to take a pie and drinks back to your condo or house and they do deliver (seasonally) so give ’em a call at (843) 249-3135 .

Locals Favorite

Ask the locals – we’ve tried ’em all and love Georgio’s!  Greek Pete is the latest generation to run this family business. His roots are here in NMB and he is part of our community.  Make sure you visit this local joint – you can eat chain pizza back at home.  When you are old and gray you will tell your grandkids about the fantastic time you had at beach week and they will say,”Georgio’s is still there!  I can’t believe you ate there, Grampa! Great Pizza!”  And then you can all come to the beach together and eat this wonderful Pizza.