International Cafe

International CafeHidden a step or two back off Main Street is a little place called the International Cafe. Inside is a place filled with great food and good cool drinks. Not flashy or outlandish but a nice place where you can chill with your friends and maybe make a few new ones. The perfect place to take a break from the sun on a hot beach day or gather with Students from across the nation at night,

“The International Cafe is a small bar tucked away in the heart of North Myrtle Beach and is quite unique due to the fact that it is not a shag bar, which usually dominates most of the North Myrtle Beach area along Main St. International has a really good selection of imports from around the world boasting over 40 imports. The food there is good. They do get props for having a 4 hour Happy Hour, but the discount is only a to 50 cents on some things, so you aren’t saving too much. It is a great bar just to relax with your friends at, especially since it is a change of pace to the shag dancing dominated area of North Myrtle, definitely worth checking out.”